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Thank you for taking an interest in Necra. Necra is a fantasy JRPG inspired by old-school games like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Trials of Mana and a few others. You can find the newest version of Necra down below. This game will likely always be free, though if you'd like you can donate to help me get new resources for the game, keep the website alive and/or just say thanks for making it. If you donate $1 or more and email me with the email you donated from, I will email you back a code you can use in the game to unlock special outfits for all the characters that are currently exclusively for donators and playtesters. You will be able to earn them free in the game after beating the game. Donators and playtesters get a code to start with them! If you have any questions, comments or want to contact me about the special outfits, you can do so at

Four friends accidentally release a powerful creature and need to find a way to seal it away again before it destroys the world. Along the way, they'll find new allies, enemies and secrets. Explore the deepest parts of Necra and find magic, loot and dangerous dungeons. You'll need all the help you can get to survive the challenges to come. Help your adventurers become heroes, gather an army and save the world from it's grim fate. The future of Necra rests in your hands.

  • Earn multiple unlockable characters, each with their own class and bonuses.
  • Enjoy almost no waiting to keep the battle action going with Necra's fast turn-based battle system.
  • Customize your weapons and armors with enchanting.
  • Make your party your own with every party member being renamable when you unlock them.
  • Visit dark dungeons that have an immersive lighting system and effects.
  • See the world map with a "Mode 7" style, making the world feel much bigger.
  • Change the window skin to make the game look how you want it to.
  • Play the way you want with remappable keys and controller support.

Please note that this game is still in early access and developed entirely by one person in their (non-existant) spare time. Bugs, typos and other oddities may exist. All content contained in this and future versions are subject to change. Necra is an adventure that is already several hours long. I have plans to make the story much longer with new quests and much, much more to explore. If you wish to help support the game's development, please feel free to reach out to me at with anything that could be corrected in the next version release. Please note that a set release date for Necra will never be given, nor can I promise the game will ever be fully finished (mostly due to me continuing to find things to add to it). I've had great support from my husband and friends and I thank all of you for helping me over the serveral years I've been making this game. I couldn't do it without all of you. Even the people who just take an interest and give me feedback have been wonderful. Making this game has been an adventure in of itself, so thank you everyone. I hope you enjoy the game and the future releases of it.

Although the game will run on mobile by playing the online version, it's not optimized for phones like it is for computers. Even on a high-speed internet, you may experience lag on mobile devices. Optimization for mobile devices is not planned.

For certain overlays to work with Necra, such as steam, add "--in-process-gpu" without the quotes to launch options or create a shortcut to the game and add it after the link to the game in the shortcut properties.

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Necra Version
Last Updated: 4/28/2024

Current Update Changes

  • Added an option to enchant items from the Equip menu. (This unfortunately breaks old save games if you happen to go to the new enchant menu...)
  • Added a few new item categories to help with keeping items organized. (This unfortunately breaks old save games if you happen to go to the new item menu...)
  • Items are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added some code to allow certain events to chase the player if the player gets too close to them.
  • Removed crits from spells for balancing purposes.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where under certain conditions, an enemy would finish an attack animation even if already dead due to counter attack.
  • Changed Jaeger's Second Wind ability so it can only be used in battle.
  • Cleaned up a few unnecessary files in the game folder to save on game size.
  • Added a vehicle enter and exit sound effect.
  • Updated intro logos. They can now be skipped with a button press.
  • Changed the Thieve's battle sprites.
  • Reverted the Sahuagin's battle sprite.
  • Fixed a bug in which a lantern in the cutscene area of Two Moons Tavern could be pushed.
  • Added ambient effects to certain areas like fireflies, water drops and dust particles.
  • Added confirmation messages when cheat codes are used so it's easier to tell what the code unlocked.
  • Updated a few item descriptions.
  • Changed a few item, weapon and armor gold values.
  • Added new items.
  • Added new weapons.
  • Added new armors.
  • Updated the secret shop menu.
  • Added a new area named Wavecrest.
  • Added an effect and code for underwater scenes for the future.
  • Added a message when leaving Sylvanoak the first time so you have more of a chance not to miss anything.
  • Lowered the encounter rates of all areas of the game.
  • Removed the preload script from the game. While it made things load smoother, some older computers and devices struggled with it.
  • Added an indicator for when an item is new.
  • Updated the secrets in the help file. (Shhhh...)
  • Updated the shop menus to allow the player to press left or right in order to change which stat is being being displayed for comparison.
  • Fixed a wall type that could be walked on that isn't supposed to be walkable.
  • Added signs to Sylvanoak to make the town easier to navigate.
  • Fixed a spot on the world map where the boat could become inaccessible indefinitely.
  • Added a new area named Ebonglass Peaks.
  • Added new enemies.
  • Added a new boss fight.
  • Adjusted a few enemy weaknesses and elements.
  • Updated the sprites for the fox and wolf enemies.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed a terrain bug that would stop the player from progressing in the Forest Path area.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed a bug where unlocking the ship and then trying to access the music menu would cause a crash.
  • Hotfix 1: Wild Kobolds now have access to the quake spell.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed an issue where a non-important door couldn't be interacted with during the battle of the town.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed the the attack command so it uses the "Physical" element.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed a bug in which a cutscene would give you the wrong party member under certain circumstances.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed an issue where certain map objects that could be walked on that shouldn't allow the player to walk them.
  • Hotfix 1: Fixed a collision issue on one of the shops in Wavecrest.
  • Hotfix 1: Added a heal skill to Alex again.
  • Hotfix 1: Added a skill to recover MP to Sevok.
  • Hotfix 1: Removed the protection buff from Heal II and made protect it's own ability for Tabris.
  • Hotfix 1: Added a magic protection skill to Tabris.
  • Hotfix 1: Removed buffs from Kolvar.
  • Hotfix 1: Cooldowns for skills now reset when entering the boat or ship.

A fresh install is always recommended while the game is in development. Your save files (if you want to keep them) are located in the save folder of Necra, which is in the www folder for most versions of the game. I can NOT promise save files will work from version to version. It all depends on what is changed during development. Game stability with old saves is not guaranteed.

Upcoming Changes

  • Added pirate ships to the world map that will chase the player if they get close.
  • Added a few points of interest in the ocean.

Necra World Map

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