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Thank you for taking an interest in Necra. You can find the newest version of Necra down below. This game will always be free, though if you'd like you can donate to help me get new resources for the game, keep the website alive and/or just say thanks for making it. If you donate $1 or more and email me with the email you donated from, I will email you back a code you can use in the game to unlock special outfits for all the characters that are currently exclusively for donators and playtesters. You will be able to earn them way later in the game. Donators and playtesters get a code to start with them! If you have any questions, comments or want to contact me about the special outfits, you can do so at

Necra is about 4 elves who stumble on a map to a treasure, a rare sword. When they discover what they were seeking, it's only half a sword. What's worse is the piece of sword was magically sealing a powerful creature away. Unable to stop the creature, the elves cast a magical barrier to hold the creature, hoping to buy time. However, with the magic at their disposal, it was a barrier that would only hold for a short time. The creature would be strong enough to break through it in roughly 6 weeks and surely come seeking the elves and their home. Will they find a way to stop the creature before it destroys the lands? Is there a way to even destroy it or at least permanently seal it away again? This is where you step in and where the quest truly begins.

Necra is already an adventure that is a few hours long. I have plans to make the story several hours long with new quests and much, much more to explore. I also plan on making special end game dungeons or bosses for each character to obtain ultimate weapons. I've had great support from my significant other and friends and I thank all of you for helping me over the 1 1/2 years I've been making this game. I couldn't do it without all of you. Even the people who just take an interest and give me feedback have been wonderful. Making this game has been an adventure in of itself, so thank you everyone. I hope you enjoy the game and the future releases of it.

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Necra Version Alpha 0.0.19
Last Updated: 8-26-2018

Current Update Changes

  • Updated core engine files to 1.6.1!
  • Optimized code to make the game run smoother on desktops.
  • Updated a few plugins.
  • Modified the way window skins work so they are less stretched.
  • Fixed a bit of dialog in the beginning of the game where if Alex's name was too long, the text would run off the screen.
  • Added 10 new window skins bringing it up to a total of 32 skins to choose from!
  • Made Limit Break bar progress slower.
  • Removed the fullscreen option from the options menu due to bugs.
  • Added a script to ask the player if they want to restart after hitting F5 rather than having it restart automatically.
  • Removed window coloring to show off the unique window skins better.
  • Added an alternate playtester/donator outfit for Kolvar.
  • Added a way to place objects without attaching them to the tile grid.
  • Fixed a bug that could happen when going to the Testing Room that would allow players to keep their levels when entering it.
  • Moved some of the battle hud elements to avoid conflicting with each other.
  • Fixed a floating light in Darkrock Cave.
  • Changed the name of the "Ring of Magic Protection" to "Ring of Magic Warding."
  • Changed helmet items to just be called helms.
  • Added a bit of dialog to the start of the "Get Out" fight to make it more obvious that the player should run from that fight.
  • Shield Bash ability now does a little more damage.
  • Changed character stat terms.
  • Alex is no longer required in the party past the Maplerock Forest scene.
  • Alex no longer has healing magics.
  • Non-party members now gain 1 level for every beaten boss and/or miniboss.
  • Increased chances of escaping from battle.
  • Treasures given from chests or characters now pop up instead of show in a text window.
  • Added a tray icon for the game with some useful options.
  • Rebalanced all of Alex's stats.
  • Changed Illyana's class from Warrior to Berserker.
  • Fixed an issue with the house in Sylvanoak where the top of the player's head could be cut off by a wall.
  • Changed menu sound effects.
  • Fixed several grammar issues and typos.
  • Fixed an area in the second dungeon where the player could walk on a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Illyana could be walked by without triggering dialog from her in her home.
  • Fixed a bug where the item menu would break.
  • Changed saving so you can only save at certain save points and on the world map.
  • Fixed a bug where the background could be removed while in battle when on the world map.
  • Increased the item limit that a player can carry from 99 to 999.
  • Added damage to the castle in Sylvanoak during and after the battle in the town.
  • Added an objective option in the main menu to remind the player what the current objective is.
  • Added a help option to the main menu to pull up a small page that will explain different aspects about the game.
  • Removed tutorials from within the game.
  • Changed the load game event to just tell the objective rather than give character dialogs.
  • Added some extra dialog with some of the Sylvanoak town NPCs after the battle.
  • Added the ability to drink from the mana water you find in Darkrock Cave's bottom floor and recover all your mana.
  • Updated credits.
  • Updated Sylvanoak's map to look slightly overgrown in areas where people wouldn't normally walk.
  • Added a new item: Shrouded Rune. (Decreases Aggro on a character)
  • Made potions harder to obtain from random enemies.
  • Finished Two Moons Tavern.
  • Fixed a wall in the Weapon and Armor shop in Pinecrest.
  • When the maps of Necra are looked at on the first floor of Sylvanoak castle, they now show a quick overview of the entire world.
  • Fixed a few shadowing issues.
  • Nerfed the amount of gold you get from water spirits.
  • Changed Recover and Study so they shows up before any other techniques.
  • Updated the Music Menu.

A fresh install is always recommended while the game is this early in development. Your save files (if you want to keep them) are located in the save folder of Necra, which is in the www folder for most versions of the game. I can NOT promise save files will work from version to version. It all depends on what is changed during development.

Necra World Map

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